September 11-15, 2017

Essentia Kicks Off Summer Giveaway

Essentia Water kicks off its Super Summer Hydration Giveaway on Friday, June 21, 2013. The 50-day online promotion that runs through Friday, Aug. 9, is hosted at and on Essentia’s Facebook page

Contestants over the age of 18 will share their favorite ways to stay hydrated by posting a brief paragraph or photo on Essentia’s Facebook page. Daily winners selected at random will receive an Essentia Super Hydration kit (approximately $100 retail value) that includes a case of Essentia Water (1.0 liter), a JetFlow Tomahawk hydration pack, and a workout DVD from health and fitness experts The Healthy Housewives. All entrants receive an Essentia coupon that can be downloaded and redeemed at a local retailer. Complete contest details are available at

“Essentia is about providing superior hydration, and delivering on that promise is what keeps our community loyal,” says Ken Uptain, Essentia’s president and CEO. “The goal of our summer promotion is to cultivate a greater connection with our community and to provide a forum where people can express their own unique ideas about hydration.” 

Earlier this year, Essentia conducted a study of premium bottled water consumers. It revealed that Essentia users consume significantly more bottled water than users of other premium and non-premium bottled water brands. Essentia consumers also rank water’s functional health benefits such as hydration much higher than users of other brands.   

“Jetflow is dedicated to simplifying hydration for outdoor enthusiasts,” said Andrew Peterson, Jetflow’s co-founder and CEO. Jetflow’s hydration system replaces a soft-sided bladder with a water bottle, thereby eliminating the polyurethane bladder that often leaks, is difficult to clean and expensive to replace.   “Essentia and Jetflow are innovators in hydration and share a similar philosophy. This is a very natural partnership and we are confident the Super Summer Hydration Giveaway will be a huge success for both brands,” added Peterson. 


Essentia will promote the contest in natural food, grocery and specialty stores in the Pacific Northwest. In Idaho, Oregon and Washington, bottles of Essentia will feature neck hangers that include contest details and information explaining the brand’s promise: Hydrate, Restore and Balance. 

Essentia is on track to book its 10th consecutive year of growth. In Q1 2013, the brand’s revenue increased by 69 percent, with an 82 and 66 percent increase in grocery and natural channels respectively, over Q1 2012. According to Uptain, velocity, rather than new distribution or increased levels of merchandising, is driving this growth.

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