September 11-15, 2017
Category: Ingredients

Truvia Sweetens First Lower Calorie Spiced Rum Beverage

The Truvia business provides natural sweetness to a new innovation in the spiced rum category with the use of Truvia stevia leaf extract in Malibu Island Spiced, the first lower calorie, spiced option to appear on retail shelves and in bars and restaurants across the country. As a global leader of stevia sweeteners, the makers of the Truvia brand says it offers a great, clean taste which mixes seamlessly with Malibu's signature blend of Caribbean rum and coconut liqueur with light spices, smoked vanilla and cinnamon.

As consumers pay greater attention to the sugar content of beverages, bars and restaurants are looking to provide lighter alternatives to the classic, sugar-based cocktail while maintaining great taste. Truvia brand has helped meet this demand on several fronts with the introduction of new beverages like Malibu® Island Spiced as well as the launch of Truvia Behind the Bar product for use in making zero-calorie natural simple syrups.
"The use of Truvia stevia leaf extract enables significant food and beverage innovation opportunities that meet the growing demand for lower calorie great tasting products. Malibu Island Spiced sweetened with Truvia stevia leaf extract offers the great taste consumers have come to expect in a cocktail choice that doesn't pack on the calories," said Breah Ostendorf, Truvia Ingredient Global Commercial Manager. "This product introduction further demonstrates the increasing consumer demand for products that manage calories and sugar consumption."
"We are excited to be first-to-market with a lower calorie alternative in the growing spiced segment.  We chose Truvia stevia leaf extract as it enabled us to offer the perfect balance between sweetness and strength without the extra calories," said Lisa McCann, Brand Director for Malibu, Pernod Ricard USA. "With the growing demand among adult women for cocktails that taste great and have fewer calories and the acceptance of Truvia brand among women, Malibu is pleased to offer our customers a new and innovative way to enjoy their cocktails."
The Truvia business leverages Cargill's formulation experts to combine Truvia stevia leaf extract with a broad portfolio of ingredients and sweeteners, to help food and beverage manufacturers achieve great tasting, reduced calorie products. As an increasingly popular ingredient, the Truvia logo can be found on over 50 new food and beverage brands in 20 countries. In addition, Truvia stevia leaf extract is the only stevia sweetener to be managed responsibly from Field to Table with the industry's first sustainable agricultural standard in 2011 and carbon footprint certification in 2012.
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