September 11-15, 2017

Dulce Vida Now Available Throughout New York


Dulce Vida announces distribution expansion within The Empire State of New York.  Union Beer Distributor's craft spirits division, BluePrint Brands, is joining forces with Dulce Vida to develop and further expand the market throughout the state, legendary for connoisseurs of fine spirits.
"As an artisan distiller of handcrafted tequilas, we are pleased and excited to be entering the great state of New York," stated Chris Cain, Director of Sales & Marketing for Dulce Vida Spirits. "We are fortunate to have the relationship with BluePrint Brands as they house a portfolio of truly craft spirits with a dedicated team focused on attentively building brands, making this partnership ideal."
"Dulce Vida offers a boutique line of the finest tequila, distinct from other brands in the market, which makes this an excellent addition to our portfolio and further enhances our offering to serve our customers.  Truly distinct products that improve the experience for our customers is what we constantly seek to align ourselves with," states Jay Frary, Vice President Sales & Marketing of BluePrint Brands.
"Dulce Vida's distribution began in our Texas backyard in 2009 and we've thoughtfully and strategically expanded, staying true to our heritage as a small-batch, handcrafted spirit. Today, Dulce Vida is offered in Canada, Western Europe, Taiwan, and eleven states within the U.S. What has been important," as stated by Richard Sorenson, CEO and Founder of Dulce Vida, "is building the brand properly and carefully. After approximately five years in the market, Dulce Vida is proud of a very strong and faithful following in the market and stands out as one of the finest boutique tequilas available."
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