September 11-15, 2017

Pernod Ricard Adds Pike Creek to Whisky Portfolio

Pernod Ricard USA has announced the addition of Pike Creek Whisky to its portfolio of global whisky brands. Pike Creek small batch whisky is aged in American oak bourbon barrels and finished in vintage port barrels. Matured in warehouses in Pike Creek, Ontario, Canada, this distinctive whisky is influenced by nature and crafted by the elements of its birthplace. Making its debut in April 2013, Pike Creek will initially be launched at retail in Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, New York and New Hampshire.

“In Pike Creek’s non-climate controlled warehouse, the dramatic swings in temperature play a key role in the whisky’s maturation process. Our wood barrels contract during cold winter months and expand during the summer, maximizing the interaction of the whisky and the wood,” explains Wayne Hartunian, VP Whiskies & Cognacs, Pernod Ricard USA. “This interaction with the barrels adds character, complexity and concentrated flavors to the whisky, resulting in a one-of-a kind product distinctive to Pike Creek.”

Pike Creek is amber in color with hues of ruby red and has a nose with a complexity of sweet dried fruits, an underlying peppery spice and subtle toffee notes, the company explains. It gives a well-balanced blend of sweet port, dried fruits, vanilla and toffee palate with a pleasant port finish with lingering rye, Pernod Ricard adds.
Hartunian concludes, “Premium craft whisky growth is very strong and accelerating while ultra-premium Canadian Whisky is up 18 percent. Many whisky drinkers are seeking interesting, new and unique brands to trade up to. Pike Creek has a very unique story to capitalize on this growing trend.”
Pike Creek (40 percent abv/80 proof) will be available in 750ml for a SRP of $31.99.
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