September 11-15, 2017

Gluten-Free New Planet Beer Has New Look

New Planet Beer, a prominent entry in the growing gluten-free beer segment, has a new look for the New Year and launched a new website to match.

New Planet Beer Co. says the new graphic design incorporating a green label and reverse white type boldly displaying the name New Planet creates stunning branding to ensure New Planet will stand out on the shelf and in the bar.

“Our original packaging confused our fans.  Some knew us by New Planet, and some knew us by the actual names of the beer, like Tread Lightly Pale Ale and Off Grid Pale Ale,” said New Planet Beer Company co-founder Pedro Gonzalez.  “We didn’t want to get stuck with those names.  We are now clearly branded as New Planet so there’s no confusion.”

Each bottle has the same bold New Planet design and only the style name changes. The company currently offers three award-winning styles: Blonde Ale, Pale Ale and Raspberry Ale. Gonzalez says the company will introduce a lot of variety, new styles and new flavors in the New Year.

To complement the packaging and its expanding market, the company has also launched a new website: One of the most sought after features is the Beer Locator button, where consumers can simply plug in their zip code and all the accounts that carry New Planet from a one-mile to a 500-mile radius can be found.   Consumers can also find fun, great-tasting gluten-free recipes to pair with their beer, along with the company history, latest news, and marketing/promotional materials.

New Planet beers are made with all-natural gluten-free ingredients, processed with care to avoid cross contamination, and tested regularly to assure compliance. Hence, New Planet Beer is in full compliance with federal gluten-free labeling regulations and is justly labeled and advertised as truly and purely gluten free.

“We are gluten free from start to finish and all the ingredients we use are posted clearly on the label,” said Gonzalez.

New Planet is rapidly spreading across the U.S and is now available in 42 states. The company recently expanded its production capabilities to keep pace with demand. New Planet plans to increase capacity by 50 percent in 2013 to keep up with demand for its widely popular and outrageously tasty beers.

Gluten-free beer is part of the rising gluten-free product trend. The $4.2 billion market for gluten-free foods and beverages has exploded in recent years because more consumers are discovering they are gluten intolerant. Gluten is a protein in grains like wheat, barley and rye, which are typically found in beer. Many consumers have adopted a gluten-free diet by necessity or as a conscious choice when they discover they simply feel healthier without gluten. Those struggling with common disorders such as poor digestion and inflammation are discovering that removing gluten from their diet drastically reduces their symptoms the gluten free market.


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