September 11-15, 2017

Ron Abuelo Launches Mobile App

The marketers of Ron Abuelo's line of oak-aged rums from Panama has invited consumers to digitially discover and interact with the brand with its new iOS-compatible app. Consumers can find the free iPhone-friendly download on the iTunes store by searching “Ron Abuelo” or clicking the following link:

Features of the app include:

Wise Drivers:  An advocate for responsible drinking, Ron Abuelo’s “Wise Drivers” feature helps to prevent drunk driving.  This section provides taxi contact information based on state and city and allows users to directly call from the app. 

·         Recipes: Looking for a perfect cocktail to mix-up with a newly opened bottle of Ron Abuelo?  The “Recipes” section dishes out signature cocktail recipes for any occasion.

·         Heritage: Discover Ron Abuelo’s Panamanian history. What started out as a small sugar mill in 1908 has today become a third-generation family-owned global brand, producing some of the finest award-winning rums in the world. 

·         Product Information:  For curious imbibers or connoisseurs, learn about some of the special nuances behind each product in the brand’s portfolio including Ron Abuelo Añejo, Ron Abuelo 7 Años, Ron Abuelo 12 Años and flagship luxury rum, Ron Abuelo Centuria. 

This is the first app produced by Ron Abuelo and it provides rum and spirit lovers instant access to the brand’s rich history along with a number of useful features. Daniel Fabrega, Export Vice President for Varela Hermanos S.A. says, “Today’s consumer wants to be connected while on the go, and the Ron Abuelo app gives people a selection of cocktail ideas to have with them all the time—making the purchase of ingredients or ordering at the bar only a finger-tap away. The mobile platform also allows rum enthusiasts to connect with like-minded individuals on various social media channels, as well as learn about Ron Abuelo’s rich history. Most importantly, the tool provides a safe way home via the ‘Wise Drivers’ section, if they’ve been drinking and need transportation.”

New updates to the Ron Abuelo app are already in the works and will include new features and sections, additional recipes, more cities and taxi companies for the 'Wise Drivers' area, and new ways for fans to stay connected with the brand.

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