September 11-15, 2017

New Version of KahlĂșa Debuts


Kahlúa Midnight, a 70 proof mix of rum and black coffee liqueur, is debuting in bars and retailers nationwide. The brand describes it as a "bold, yet slightly sweet creation," that is a mixture of smooth rum mixed with strong black coffee. It is intended to be served chilled as a shot, says the brand.
“Kahlúa Midnight is a huge step forward for the brand. We wanted to create a strong product that not only tastes amazing but has the ability to elevate the social experience of a night out with friends,” said Michelle Sanders, Brand Director for Kahlúa. “Kahlúa Midnight succeeds on all fronts. It’s a 70 proof spirit that goes down easily, and the added boost from the black coffee flavor is sure to awaken the senses. This is a great new drink people will rally around.”
The taste is smooth, bold, and just a tad sweet, setting it apart from the standard sticky and sugary sweet coffee liqueurs on the market today. 
With the growing consumer trend toward coffee-flavored products, coupled with the desire for a sweeter straight shot, Kahlúa sees an opportunity to promote its own simple approach with chilled Kahlúa Midnight followed by a fresh orange slice.
With Kahlúa Midnight, the brand marks a transition into a consumption space that aims to reach male drinkers ages 21-34 who are thirsty for new experiences and strive to be constantly connected. The campaign, “It’s Midnight Somewhere,” will continue throughout the year with robust on-premise support, National Digital, and local OOH in Key Markets. 
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