September 11-15, 2017
Category: Packaging

Mutipacks Showcase


PakTech is offering a new product line for glass beer bottles. In order to offer an alternative to the traditional paperboard carrier, the company now offers a 6Pak handle for 12 oz beer bottles. 

The company has several options for the various 12 oz style bottles, from the ‘stubby’ to the longneck and heritage models. The rings fit over the caps and hold the bottles tightly so the bottles are a tight brick shape and don’t clank together. Also, the raised, semi-ridged handle in the center of the bottles allow for consumers to easily grab and carry the 6Pak. 

The handles are offered in 96 percent post-consumer recycled material for the eco-conscious consumer, and is a cradle-to-cradle solution if the end user recycles it.

In addition to the handles, PakTech also offers a new automated applicator option: the BCA120. The company’s can carrier applicator (the CCA120) was very popular with craft brewers due to the compact size and low price point for entry. The new Bottle Carrier Applicator (BCA120) runs up to 120 bottles per minute, and is also compact and offers a semi-automatic solution for the lower speed customer.


Bemis Performance

Bemis Performance Packaging says soft drink and beer packagers can use 98 percent less packaging by weight and reduce costs as much as 30 percent per package by replacing paperboard cartons with Bemis’ vibrant printed multi-pack shrink films. The company also povides colorful, high-efficiency shrink or roll-fed labels.  


Graphic Packaging International

Graphic Packaging International has provided a 10 Can Pack Fridge Vendor for Devassa Beer in Brazil. This package recently won 3 Gold awards (Premio ABRE – Excelencia da Embabagem Brasileira) for the following categories: Differentiation and Innovation in the Beer Category; Technology in Beverage Packaging; Most popular vote from packaging professionals. GPI Brazil says it has addressed the fast growing trend of “premiumization” in emerging markets with this pack. Thepaperboard packaging, with holographic enhancements and dispensing features, is designed to differentiate itself from other can packs in the Brazilian marketplace. Among the package’s other attributes:

It is in paperboard, which allows the printing of high quality graphics. Most other can packs in the market are in shrink film.

It is functional: On paperboard packaging, companies can offer convenient handles and opening features making it easy to carry, easy to store in the fridge and easy to dispense. 

It has holographic enhancements: These make the package stand out even more on the shelf. The red holographic lamination gives dimension to the package and extra shine on the shelf.


Roberts PolyPro 

Roberts PolyPro is offering a bottle handle applicator that produces multi packs and single handles at a rate of 20 cases per minute. This new two-in-one machine decreases capital investment and provides maximum flexibility. Packagers with the same primary container can serve both club stores and convenience outlets from the same packaging line. The Inline Intermittent Motion Applicator is aimed primarily at applying handles to larger bottles, for example, those used for water in the U.S. An innovative new handle separation device makes these improvements possible. When in single bottle mode, the new machine applies twin pack handles and in the same motion separates them, creating two single bottle handles. This process can be done by case or through groups of bottles in an inline environment. One-step handle application and separation ensures throughput of the equivalent of 20 cases per minute regardless of whether twin packs or single bottle handles are run. Also, Roberts PolyPro engineered a rapid changeover capability for the new two-in-one machine between multipack and single-handle operation.   

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