September 11-15, 2017

Thomas Tew Single Barrel Rum Ready for Expansion

With over 20 distilleries making rum inside city limits in 1769, Newport, RI was truly the rum capital of  the world. Since 2006 the crew at Newport Distilling Company has been working patiently to bring this tradition back to Newport. After spending several years testing distilling ingredients, techniques, and supplying rum to the  Rhode Island area, the small distillery has finally produced and aged enough rum to begin releasing in other states around the country.

This fall the company is meeting with wholesalers throughout the US to discuss the expansion of their distribution. Founder and Master Distiller, Brent Ryan, pointed out the unique development of Thomas Tew Rum when he stated “Our path for the last 6 years has been a bit different than many other new distillers. We knew what we wanted to make from the beginning and we knew it was going to take time. Rather than using that time to work on a variety of distilled spirits, we have taken a patient and focused approach to developing our Thomas Tew Single Barrel Rum and making sure it is of the highest standards”.
With an aging requirement of several years, it has taken the better part of a decade to create enough rum to supply Rhode Island and beyond. In addition, the Discovery Channel hit, Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe, spent an entire episode in 2011 showing the US, and the world, the ins and outs of making Thomas Tew Single Barrel Rum. 
This increase in notoriety brought about even more demand for the small amounts that had been available. However, with the continued addition of more distilling capacity over the past several years and more years of distilling behind them, Brent Ryan and his crew now have enough rum to bring it to enthusiasts outside of Rhode Island. They expect to be adding markets continuously throughout the next year and have already spoken to several interested distributors throughout the US. 
Wholesalers that are interested in carrying Thomas Tew Single Barrel Rum can visit their website – or contact them at
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