September 11-15, 2017

Powered by the Sun

Frigoglass, a major player in the global ice-cold merchandisers (beverage coolers) market, has launched a new initiative in green innovation with its solar Ice Cold Merchandiser (ICM), a complete solution composed of an Activator 700, a cover and a single solar panel. It was presented for the first time at the 2012 UEFA Euro Cup in Ukraine and was placed in the athletic venues that hosted the football championship. Frigoglass also has worked in partnership with Athens, Greece-based Coca-Cola Hellenic, one of the world’s largest Coca-Cola bottlers serving 570 million people in 28 countries. 

The fact that it is solar-powered reduces the consumption of grid electricity to the absolute minimum, the company says. The ICM operates using rechargeable batteries, which are powered by the solar panel placed on top of the cover structure. Only when solar power is not sufficient does the unit switch to grid electricity. Additionally, the Activator 700 is part of the Ecocool range that uses natural HFC-free refrigerants and insulation substances further minimizing the impact on the environment, the company says.

Frigoglass and Coca-Cola Hellenic are committed to sustainable development and to investing in projects that reduce the environmental impact and the development of the Solar Activator is a direct result of this strategy, notes Frigoglass, as it contributes to the reduction of its carbon footprint while allowing retailers to stimulate cold drink consumption at a significantly reduced cost. 

“Staying true to our sustainability principles, we continue investing in eco-friendly refrigeration technologies and exploring the use of alternative power sources,” says Tom Aas, Frigoglass ICM chief operating officer. “Our close collaboration with Coca-Cola Hellenic and our extensive know-how in green refrigeration solutions such as the Ecocool range and the EcoCantina provided the basis for the development of the Solar Activator.”

Additionally, the Solar Activator is also an ideal solution for areas with limited electrical supply.

“Innovation has been a long-standing objective of our corporate strategy and we remain focused on working closely with our customers towards providing market leading solutions that meet and exceed their needs,” he says.

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