September 11-15, 2017
Category: Ingredients

Tate & Lyle Tackles Reducing Sweetening Costs


At this year’s Food Expo, Tate & Lyle featured concepts that demonstrated how it can collaborate with processors to develop ingredient recipes that meet their formulation needs and answer development challenges including creating great tasting beverages while reducing sweetening costs. Beverage innovations included:

· Cranberry Raspberry Juice Drink: With a synergistic blend of KRYSTAR Crystalline Fructose and SPLENDA Sucralose sweeteners, the Cranberry Raspberry Juice Drink featured a 19-percent reduction in sweetening costs and a 20-percent reduction in calories and sugars when compared to a full-sugar version.

· Orange Carbonated Soft Drink: This concept featured Tate & Lyle’s new MIRA-MIST SE starch to achieve an excellent flavor emulsion with improved cost-in-use. It also was sweetened with KRYSTAR Crystalline Fructose and PUREFRUIT Monk Fruit to deliver a 25-percent reduction in sugars and calories.

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