September 11-15, 2017
Category: Ingredients

Food Safety Top of Mind with New Line of Products


Grow Green Industries, Inc. (Lake Forest, Calif.) and P.L. Thomas & Co., Inc. (Morristown, N.J.) have introduced a new line of all-natural food safety and shelf-life enhancement products: eatSafe Natural Food Wash and eatFresh Natural Antimicrobial. The products are the result of a multi-year research effort into end-to-end alternatives to chemically-based food sanitizers and preservatives that are designed to also enhance the taste, sensory profiles and shelf-life of fresh produce, seafood and poultry as well as prepared and processed foods including beverages. The new patent-pending products are synergistic complexes of GRAS and organic components that provide antimicrobial/antioxidant functionality and will allow food and beverage producers to offer the ‘cleaner’ labels that industry surveys show consumers increasingly demand. 

An End-to-End Solution for Food & Beverage Producers

eatSafe Natural Food Wash and eatFresh Natural Antimicrobial are a two-part solution for safer, longer-lasting and better tasting foods in their raw and cooked or processed states—combining antimicrobial control of bacteria, yeasts and molds with antioxidant properties that improve sensory characteristics and preserve freshness.

eatSafe Natural Food Wash is a 7-part synergistic complex of organic, FDA-approved GRAS components designed for farms and food processing operations to ensure that products are free from foodborne pathogens while eatFresh Natural Antimicrobial is a 5-part synergistic complex of organic, FDA-approved GRAS components designed to protect prepared/processed foods and beverages from bacteria, yeast and mold growth, and to enhance shelf-life through several different mechanisms. It is available in liquid or powder form.

eatFresh Natural Antimicrobial offers the benefit of extending shelf-life of prepared and processed foods up to 200 percent compared to test controls. Industry testing has shown that incorporates easily into a broad range of products including beverages. A key benefit of eatFresh Natural Antimicrobial is its mild taste profile as a replacement for preservatives that affect flavor. The products are safe to handle, the company says, with suggested usage rates from .1 percent up to 2 percent depending on the application.

“We’re very excited for the opportunity to partner with Grow Green Industries in launching and developing the market for these new products. The all-natural and clean label movements are among the hottest on the consumer scene right now – ranking above such stalwarts as reduced fat or sugar,” says Paul M. Flowerman, president of P.L. Thomas. “Industry surveys show that 70 percent of consumers are interested in products that offer natural solutions to preservation. Beyond this, eatSafe and eatFresh offer an end-to-end solution for improving taste, quality and shelf life.”

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