September 11-15, 2017
Category: Plant / Production

KHS Launches YouTube Broadcast


KHS is taking an important step for the company in the direction of social media with the release of its own YouTube channel to help consolidate its online media presence by offering customers, employees and interested users one virtual location that showcases a collection of corporate and product videos.

Product videos, for example, explain the complex processes of individual machines and complete lines step by step, the company says. Other videos show ultra-modern equipment in operation at customer sites to provide further in-depth insights. The idea is for the user to get an immediate impression of the practical implementation of the intelligent systems from KHS, the company says.  All video contents is additionally augmented with brief user-oriented descriptions.

Because social media and live daily media such as YouTube thrive on interaction and up-to-date content during the course of the year, KHS has plans to successively expand its YouTube presence to make the channel a "center of competence," it says.


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