September 11-15, 2017

A System for Living

The different beverages in the Neuro portfolio target everything from sleeping better, to healthy weight loss, to enhanced mental energy and performance. Founded in 2008, the company currently has about 115 employees and is based in Santa Monica, California with offices around the world, including London. Neuro Drinks, the parent company, recently reported a partnership with TSG Consumer Partners, a leader in the U.S. in building and investing in middle-market branded consumer companies. We recently chatted with Diana Jenkins, founder of Neuro, about the brand.

Beverage World: How did you come up with the idea for Neuro?
Diana Jenkins: There was no beverage system on the market that would help with the variety of needs a consumer has over the course of a typical day. I worked very hard to create Neuro to fill this void as a next generation beverage system that not only tasted great, but had beneficial ingredients that were backed by science. It was a challenge to get the industry on board with the concept that consumers do not want a one-size-fits-all product.

BW: What was the thinking behind the distinctive bottle?
Jenkins: I wanted the design of Neuro’s bottles to be eye-catching and iconic. As you walk down the grocery store aisle, even before you see the words “Neuro,” you can spot the bottles. Every aspect of Neuro’s packaging was part of my goal to create a lifestyle brand that was attractive, functional and fun.

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