September 11-15, 2017
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Rubber Review

By a wide margin, tires are the top maintenance cost for most beverage fleets. Containing these costs is a multi-faceted challenge. Frequent, thorough inspections and diligently maintaining proper tire pressure can go a long way toward preventing a tire’s early demise, but choosing the proper tire in the first place is also quite important. An off-brand tire may be priced less up front, but inferior durability and retreadability will cost more in the long run.

Within each of the top tire brands, there are multiple options for tire construction, tread compound, tread pattern and other factors, all of which can have an impact on total tire costs. With fleets reporting curb damage as the top cause of tire failure, sidewall durability and tread shoulder design can be just as important as the tread depth and pattern.

Recently we asked the top tire manufacturers to recommend their best drive tire and steer/all-position tire for beverage delivery operations. Here’s what they have to offer:


1. Drive Tire - HDR1
* Open shoulder tread design for wet/dry traction
* Resists irregular wear and reduces stone retention
* 28/32” tread depth for long original mileage
* Lug angle provides traction throughout tread life

2. Steer/All-Position Tire - HSR2
* Improved cut and chip resistant tread compound
* Groove technology resists cracking, tearing and stone retention
* Protective curb rib for high scrub applications
* Visual alignment indicators help monitor and prevent irregular wear


3. Drive Tire - G182 RSD
* Non-directional tread design for uniform footprint
* Open lug design helps traction in wet/snowy conditions
* Tie-bar shoulder and bladed tread pattern for long, even wear
* Enhanced rubber volume adds miles-to-removal

4. Steer/All-Position Tire - G661 HSA
* Scrub-resistant tread and multi-compound construction extend tread life
* Sidewall ribs protect against abrasions caused by curbing
* Interlocking micro-grooves stabilize tread for long life/enhanced toughness


5.Drive Tire - XDE2+
* Bridged center block design improves tread stability
* High density lateral grooves provide traction in all weather conditions
* Directional tread design allows for good traction and long original tread life

6. Steer/All-Position Tire - XZE2
* Tread compound promotes longer life and resists aggressive use
* Wider tread for improved wear and handling
* Matrix and micros sipes protect against irregular wear
* Zig-zag grooves and sipes increase traction


7. Drive Tire - TY303
* Shoulder lug groove pattern promotes flat, even treadwear
* Tread compound extends tire mileage and fuel economy
* Construction allows excellent retreadability
* Ideal for tractor applications

8. Steer/All-Position Tire - RY023
* Wide 5-rib design delivers long mileage and shoulder wear resistance
* Shoulder design improves lateral stability and water evacuation.
* Deep sub-grooves on ribs promote wet traction
* Sidewall abrasion guard to protect against curbing damage

Remote Tire Repair Goes 21st Century
When tire troubles inevitably do happen on the road, getting your truck back up and running as quick as possible is key to keeping deliveries on schedule. Getting timely service out on the road can be tough, even for mega-fleets with a national tire account. For a smaller fleet, getting the right tire at the right price during a remote road-service call can be even tougher.

Goodyear’s “fleetHQ” is a portfolio of solutions for commercial fleets that includes an emergency roadside assistance program using just one number —866-fleetHQ—to call for emergency roadside tire service throughout the United States and Canada. Service calls are dispatched by the 24/7 fleetHQ Solution Center, to get a downed truck back on the road within about two hours (average) from the initial call.

Fleets can establish an online profile listing the tires installed on each truck, enabling fleetHQ Solution Center agents to quickly identify the proper tire type/size needed for a service call. When a driver or fleet manager calls fleetHQ, the downed truck’s location is mapped, and the closest dealer is dispatched with the proper tire. This saves the hassle of making multiple calls to find an open service location, or a dealer with the right tire in stock.

The fleetHQ program offers national accounts for fleets of all sizes, with consolidated billing and pricing negotiated through a fleet’s hometown dealer. The fleetHQ portfolio also includes online information systems providing 24/7 access to services in progress, retread history, repair data and tire purchase histories; saving fleet managers time in reviewing invoices and service reports.

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