September 11-15, 2017
Category: Plant / Production

Tetra Pak Offers New Customized Service for Improved Lifecycle Performance


Tetra Pak launched Guaranteed Performance, its latest customized service solution to improve lifecycle performance of customer operations, last month at Anuga FoodTec 2012. 
Building on Tetra Pak’s long-term commitment to partnership with its customers, Guaranteed Performance is a service agreement, which ensures that equipment performance meets pre-agreed levels over a specified time period, according to the company.
The cost of downtime can be difficult to measure and is often underestimated, especially for high-utilization installations. Through a systematic, coordinated plan geared at driving down operating costs and securing maximum performance, Tetra Pak provides customers with maximum reliability, it says. Simplified administration and clear division of responsibilities between the customers’ staff and Tetra Pak service engineers also contribute to more personalized service and satisfaction.
At the heart of Guaranteed Performance and other customised service offers, lies Tetra Navigato, Tetra Pak’s packaging and processing service portfolio, which is used to create the solution based on a customer’s unique needs. Tetra Navigato is grouped into nine product areas to easily identify the services that will make up the agreement and provide the most value to the customer. These areas include: automation services, environmental services, improvement services, installation services, maintenance services, parts and logistics services, remote services, training services and quality management services.
Tetra Pak also offers its advanced service agreements, such as Operational Cost Guarantee (OCG), a long-term service agreement that includes the delivery of products and services necessary to enable the company to provide customers with stable, verified, controllable and predictable operational cost.
OCG reduces uncertainty for the customer by guaranteeing Tetra Pak’s commitment and delivers a measurable reduction in customer operational cost over time. Ultimately, OCG builds customer capability to drive continuous, sustainable and measurable operational improvements. It is currently under limited deployment.
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